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Save money with Amiveo card

Do you want to save on purchases every day?
To have only one card for all stores?
And even to earn money on shopping?

Find out why the Amiveo card is real.

Start saving and earning right now!

With the Amiveo card you will save in 148 stores, hotels and restaurants

It's free!

The card takes only one minute.

Do you already have an Amiveo card?
Activate it right now to start saving points

First! Unified unique card

Up to

you save on buying goods, ordering services, visiting restaurants and cafes throughout Cyprus. The number of discounts will be accumulated in points on the Amiveo card.

With these points, you can pay for purchases in 148 stores, hotels and restaurants.

How Amiveo Works

Order the Amiveo card on the website and we will send it to you by mail.

It's free!

Activate the card on the site to start accumulating bonus points

Show your card to the cashier when paying for the purchase

Points for the purchase will come during the day. The next time you can pay with your Amiveo points

Unified unique card for all purchases

When shopping in your favourite store, you no longer need to search in your wallet for dozens of cards for "that one" discount card. The Amiveo card replace them all!

Points on the Amiveo card accumulate faster than using any other card with loyalty program
Partner shops, restaurants and hotels. Their number is constantly growing!
Unlimited period of validity. Saved points never burn!
Amiveo Card

Order a unified Amiveo card right now!

How to save points

Buy goods and use services in Cyprus, showing the Amiveo card when paying. For each purchase, you will receive bonus points on your card. You will be able to pay for purchases for accumulated points.

Euro rate in points
€1 =
200 points
For example, for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables at € 42 you will receive a discount of € 6 points per card
€6 =

Where to spend points

With these accumulated points, you can pay for any product or service in partner stores, restaurants, hotels and through their websites.

Having earned points for buying fruit and vegetables in the store, you can spend it on refuelling a car or other 148 partners throughout Cyprus.

Redeem cash back to your bank card for points!

You will be able to transfer the accumulated points in real money to any bank in Cyprus through a personal account on our website.

- 2000 
+ €10

A free card that really saves and helps you earn money on purchases in 148 stores, restaurants and hotels.

Unique offer in Cyprus

Order, buy, save and earn with a unified Amiveo card

Order card
Order the Amiveo card on the website and we will send it to you by mail.

Check the points in your account

All your purchases and earned points are displayed in your account. After you accumulate the required number of points, pay for goods or services with a single Amiveo card

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